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Dru Yoga with Wendy @ YogaNess™

Dru Yoga has its roots in hatha yoga, and includes classical yoga postures (asanas), pranayama (the science of breath) mudras (hand gestures), positive affirmations, empowering visualisations and powerful sequences performed in a flowing and dynamic style. Dru Yoga classes are tailored to the level of the individuals within the class and usually contain Energy Block Release Sequences (EBRs), graceful flowing yoga sequences, pranayama, relaxation and Dru Meditation.

What is unique about Dru Yoga?

Research published during 2012 in the UK Journal of Occupational Medicine, shows that Dru Yoga can reduce perceived stress and back pain.

Read the scientific article here >>

YogaNess™ Classes?

I plan to start running regular Dru Yoga classes around summer 2014. Dates, times and venues will be published nearer the time.


If you would like me to arrange something ad-hoc or you would like to register for future classes, please contact me >>